MU004 - Diamond Ray of Disappearance

Missing - Evil-Lyn's armour is missing it's top-piece.

Missing - Following shot shows same mistake as above, in close-up.

Missing - Top of armour continues to be missing...

Altered - Tri-Klops' circular eye is inside a square.

Missing - Evil-Lyn doesn't have wrist-band or top of her armor.

Missing - Adam's white shirt doesn't cover his chest.

Miscoloured - Adam's belt is pink instead of black.

Miscoloured - Man-At-Arms' left arm is partially coloured green, instead of orange.

Missing - Trap-Jaw doesn't have his wrist band.

Miscoloured - Skeletor's nose isn't coloured.

Miscoloured - Teela has her top-armor and boots with wrong colours.

Missing - Trap-Jaw's leg is missing part, thus showing backround through.

Altered - Orko has five fingers instead of four.

Missing - Evil-Lyn's top-armour part still missing.

Miscoloured - Zoar's tail's inner part is supposed to be orange.

Miscoloured - Top of armour continues to be missing... But the lineart suggests it was drawn correctly.

Altered - Tri-Klops' eye is different shape (almond). Looks actually closer to toy-version.

Altered - Panthor is showing the white of his eyes, which is not there in rest of the scenes that show Panthor in close-up.

Missing - Orko doesn't have an "O" here.

Missing - Evil-Lyn's top-armour continues to be missing...

Missing - Stratos doesn't have his beard in couple frames.

Altered - Tri-Klops' eye is consistently mis-shaped.

Miscoloured - Man-At-Arms' neck and top of helmet are wrong colour.
Missing - Randor's shirt isn't drawn from above the medallion.

Misplaced - Man-At-Arms is showing to have the end of his Battle-Club in his hand.

Miscoloured - Man-At-Arms' hands are wrong colour.

Miscoloured - Man-At-Arms' neck is skin-toned instead of green.

Blooper Count -- 26

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