MU012 - Evil-Lyn's Plot

Miscoloured - Kando's cheek is coloured like his hat. This mistake appears couple times during the episode.

Missing - Kandor's clothes disappear completely chest down.

Miscoloured - Kando's clothes, waist down have no colour.

Miscoloured - Beastman's ear is red instead of skin colour.
Missing - Beastman's wrist-bands are missing.
Altered - Havoc Staff's ram-head appears small.

Miscoloured - He-Man's left wrist-band is the same colour as his hair.

Miscoloured - Mer-Man's hand, which you see behind Beastman's armpit appears coloured red.
Altered - Beastman's fur-collar blends to his torso.

Miscoloured - Mer-Man's collar bones are coloured like his armour.
Miscoloured - Beastman's forehead-circle is skin-tone instead of red.

Misplaced - Skeletor has a wrist-band.

Missing - Evil-Lyn's top of armour is missing a part.

Misplaced - Skeletor has a wrist-band.
Missing - Skeletor doesn't have his armour. You can see his chest.

Skeletor's right-side chest is miscoloured OR he has misplaced strap accross the chest.
You'll be the judge. ;)

Miscoloured - Evil-Lyn has her helmet's top coloured almost black instead of purple.

Miscoloured - What looks like Evil-Lyn's shoulder is coloured black like the cape, and the part that could be bundled cape, is coloured in skin-tone.

Blooper Count -- 13

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