MU014 - Colossor Awakes

Altered - The Havoc Staff's Ram-head appears really small.

Miscoloured - Man-At-Arms' foot is orange instead of red.

Missing - Statues that are part of the plot are missing in the backround between scenes.

The right side statue makes a flickering move.

Miscoloured - Teela's hands are now white.
Missing - Teela's headpiece is missing circle.

Miscoloured - Between Beastman's ear and eyebrow is wrong colour.

Misplaced - Skeletor is drawn with wrist bands without colour.

Miscoloured - Sorceress' top of headpiece is orange instead of white.

Misplaced - Skeletor is again drawn with wrist band.

Miscoloured - Man-At-Arms' moustache appears with no colour.

Miscoloured - Man-At-Arms' torso is orange instead of green.

Miscoloured - Colossor's chin-shadow flickers.

Blooper Count -- 12

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