This site will gather all the visual bloopers and/or mistakes from "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe". Now admittedly, the show has lot of mistakes that are due to budget-restraints. Things like Trap-Jaw's arm being flipped to other side is not un-common, and familiar backrounds used as "new" locations. There are also lot of errors that may skew the continuity of backround visuals, but those are intended things, and I will focus on those bloopers that are not meant to be there.
**NOTE** - I do not showcase audio-mistakes on this site because I feel visual ones are more interesting and result in funny accidents at best.

While I do point out the flaws that the show has produced, I do so with love for the product. The intent is not to make the cartoon seem cheap or weak by these standards, for I view the animation-bloopers to be mere cosmetic flaws in a show that is flawless at heart.


Below is a quick rundown of the terms that will be featured with the notes. I will add more if they are needed.

Altered - size-differences or other oddities in objects with an established look.

Miscoloured - parts in characters, vehicles, objects, that have their colour missing or replaced by other colour.

Misplaced - objects or backrounds that appear at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Missing - things that are supposed to be there, but might vanish for a brief period of time. Including things that might be missed by one cel-frame.


This is a non-profit Fan Page not intended to violate the copyrights of Masters of the Universe's owners. Images, logos, names & illustrations are used only for enjoyment & preservation of an important pop culture piece. Masters of the Universe, He-Man, Princess of Power, She-Ra, New Adventures of He-Man Mattel Inc. Filmation Associates Entertainment Rights BCI Eclipse 2008. All Rights Reserved.

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