In 1982 the world laid it's eyes on a new toyline from Mattel. Basic premise was set on a fantasy-world Eternia, that held the secrets of the Universe, with Good in constant battle against Evil. This toyline would be a big hit with young boys and soon followed a cartoon show based on the figures.

Where Science Ends -- Magic Begins!!!

This task was given to Filmation Studios, with an astonishing request to produce 65 episodes for the first season. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe became an instant hit when it was released, bringing children 5 episodes per week to tune in and being the first animated show made for Syndication at the time.

While the show was made with limited animation, it was strong in it's stories and direction. The series produced alltogether 130 episodes in 1983-85, with two made-for-TV specials and a spin-off.

THAT was a big mistake, Skeletor!

This site intends to go through all the bloopers/mistakes in the animation. Some are bigger and others more easy to miss. But we'll find them all in good spirit, while having fun watching the episodes.

Beyond Eternia

Currently my plan is to only focus on classic He-Man, so nothing set for creating a sister-site. ;)

Good Journey!


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